Certificates and approvals

ABL Certifications

ABL is registered to the categories SOA OS14 (III-bis) and OS18A (IV-bis)

Furthermore, ABL obtained the certification n° IQ-0702-13, assigned by DASA REGISTER on 17/02/2002 in confirmation of the possession of the requirements required by the rules EN ISO 9001 (2008) on matters of management system qualities.

In November of 2012 ABL srl has acquired the ISO 3834-2 to certify their internal process of welding while working for years on a basis consistent with compliance with this standard. The system adopted by the organization for many years, ensures that the welding work is carried out by qualified personnel under the direction of a Coordinator of Welding (IWE).

The entry into force of the Ministerial Decree 14.1.2008, constituting one of the new text of Law Technical Standards for Construction, has in fact imposed on all steel fabricators accreditation by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as a Center of Transformation certificate. ABL acquired in 2013 that certificate and accreditation at the Ministry.

In July of 2014, ABL srl is conformed to the demands of the market, getting the certification EN 1090-1 + A1:2012 (“Execution of steel structures Part 1: Requisite for the evaluation of conformity of the structural components”). Such norm describes the requisite and the formalities for the apposition of the CE mark, according to the Directive 89/106/CEE and the European Rule (UE) n. 305/2011. All the producers of structures steel, that are already kept obligatorily to the respect of the specific requisite foreseen for the compartment of the steels for metallic carpentry (§ of the DM 14.01.2008), they have to foresee, for own products and productive establishments, also the implementation of the CE mark according to EN 1090-1, become from July 1st 2014 obligatory. The producer, will preliminarily have to qualify own products through tests or you calculates initial type and to certify the proper FPC (Factory Production Control) through the intervention of an authorized notification body.