Pressure Equipment

ABL: pressure equipment

ABL is a Company specialized in the building of pressure equipment, in particular of pressure tanks and pressure elements.

Pressure equipment

Pressure tanks

The pressure tanks planned and built by ABL are produced according to the customer’s requirements.
All ABL tanks in pressure must exceed the highest standards of quality and safety.
Thanks to the great experience reached during its activity, ABL affirmed itself in the production of various tested pressure tanks.
All pressure tanks realized by ABL satisfy the requirements imposed by the European standards for this sector and follow the PED97/23/CE directive.

Pressure equipment

ABL designs and realizes many types of pressure equipment for industries.
Our experts are to the service of the companies for understand the needs and study pressure equipment to measure.

Pressure equipment
Pressure equipment

Pressure equipment directive

The pressure equipment directive (PED), establishes that all the elements of pressure equipment put in commerce in the European community must be in compliance with the PED directive.
PED includes the design check, the selection of the materials and/or manufacture, the qualification practices, the product tests, the marking of the products etc..
ABL’s manufacturing for the pressure equipment meet all the PED directive requirements.