Industrial maintenance

ABL for the Industries

ABL is a company which work above all for iron metallurgy industries and forge and is specialized of the industrial plants maintenance. Thanks to its qualified technicians and to a qualifies and attempts organizational structure, we execute maintenance on industrial plant in every sectors.

Industrial plants maintenance


The maintenance of industrial plants is an activity regulated fromspecifics rules in every sectors.
In the years the industrial plants maintenance have purchased always great importance for the employees and the companies.

Thanks to industrial plants maintenance, the employees can operate in condition of maximum safety that guarantees productivity and comfort.

The companies are induced to execute an effective maintenance of the industrial plants, because:

  • Protects the Employees
  • Lengthens the structures’ life
  • Riduce i consumi
  • Ottimizza le risorse disponibili


ABL works from many years in the industrial plants maintenance sector, for this it only recruits professionals of high level, able to analyze to the best every systems and offer the best possible solution.

ABL effects the industrial plants maintenance in many areas, in particular for iron metallurgy industries, forging and heavy carpentry. Thanks to industrial plants maintenance the companies can improve to the best the machineries’ investments and guarantee a development and modern production.
ABL attends with the industrial plants maintenance in different ways:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Planned maintenance
  • In advance maintenance

The scheduled maintenance of the industrial plants is a recurrent control.
The maintenance extraordinary of the industrial plants is an extraordinary reparation intervention.
The planned maintenance of the industrial plants is the controls’ planning.
The maintenance in advance of the industrial plants is all the manufacturing which prevent systems’ usury and breakup.
ABL follows with attention every customers to realize the best industrial plant maintenance.

Industrial plants maintenance