ABL for the Industrial Plant Revamping

ABL is an expert company in the energy’s plants revamping and in particular in boilers and waste to energy plants.


The equipments used in the companies have a life that is different from system to system. Thanks to the controls execute for law, the companies can verify the materials statement and if necessary get along with a revamping operation on industrial plants.

The energy’s plants revamping is an operation which demand a lot of ability and competence, above all for system of big dimension, with particular technologies or with sensitive materials.
During its ten yearly activity, ABL has gain a great experience in the energy’s plants revamping.

ABL knows the companies’ needs and wherefore it organizes to the best the revamping plant interventions, optimizing the available times. ABL supplies an effective quality service, so it executes a preliminary study for estimate times, convenience, materials and technologies to use in every revamping chance. Thanks to revamping you can have system:

  • Efficient
  • Productive
  • Resistant in time
  • Certificates
  • Revieved
  • Of Superior quality
Industrial plant revamping