ABL: Gasholder installation and maintenance

Gasholders are structures where gas are preserved. Gases are delicated material and difficult to treat, for this reason ABL install gasholder aiming to the quality of the erection and working in safety.

Gasholders preserve gases on specifics temperatures and pressures bases to the property of every gas. ABL has develop a great ability in the gasholder maintenance, that required specific attention to be able to work to the best. ABL technicians are specialized in the gasholders erection and maintenance, also more complexes, that required great care and knowledge of the structures.
Exist three different typologies of gasholder, on which ABL has succeeded in the years to become leader in the sector:

  • Gasholder WILKINS system, characterized from rubber seal between the skirt and the fender;
  • Gasholder type MAN/BADONI, characterized from a seal effected through a oil head system;
  • Hydraulic gasholder (with water seal).