Bergamo Headquarters

ABL: industrial plants

Bergamo Headquarters

Since 1997 ABL headquarters is placed in Calusco d’Adda (BG), where has modern technical, commercial, administrative offices and a wide structure production with the followeing features:

Bergamo Headquarters
  • Factory shed of 3000 sqm. covered;
  • Area not covered, for material storage of3000 sqm.;
  • Technical, commercial and administrative offices on 600 sqm.;
  • About 60 skilled employees: foremen, mechanical fitter, rigger, pipe fitter, electrician, arc welder, HP qualified welder, painter, crane operator;
  • Modern tools for yard, several heavy equipment (crane, forklift), and also the following workshop tools:

Carpentry division

n.2 bridge cranes cap. 20 ton
n.3 bridge cranes cap. 15 ton
n.2 Jib-crane cap. 2 t
Submerged arcs of 1000 A
n.2 hack sawing machines width 300 mm
n.1 Oxigen lance cutting plant. 6×2 mt.
n.1 shearing machine max 13 mm
n.1 bending machine of 180 ton
n.1 Bending roll 3000 x 25 mm Various positioners from 0,5 to 12 ton
Plasma cut max th.20 mm Press of 300 ton

Mechanical division

n.1 Boring machine 6000 x 1700 x 1500 mm
n.1 Milling cutter 300×1200 mm
n.1 Lathe Ø500 x 1800 mm
n.1 Lathe Ø1200 x 3000 mm
n.1 Necking machine up to 50×300 mm
n.1 Tangential grid 300×800 mm
n.1 Semi-automatic punching machine up to Ø32 sp.20 mm
n.1 Curving machine for iron profiles up to section 100×100 mm
n.2 Radial drilling machine max 60 mm

Bergamo Headquarters

Principal motor vehicles and equipments for the yards

Bergamo Headquarters

n.1 Crane truck DEMAG cap. 120t;
n.2 Crane truck FAUN cap 60 t;
n.2 Crane truck LOCATELLI cap 25 t;
n.1 Crane truck LOCATELLI cap 16 t;
n.2 Forklift MANITOU ROTO cap 50 t;
n.1 Aerial platform h=35 mt.;
n.2 Aerial platform h=27 mt.;
n.2 Aerial platform h=22 mt.;
n.3 Aerial platform h=18 mt.;
n.2 tower wagons h=20 mt.;
n.1 lift truck cap.max 4 t;
n.1 carlift truck cap. max 3 t;

n.4 lift truck cap max 2 t;
n.2 lift truck cap max 1,6 t;
n.2 telescopic lift trucks;
n.30 electric welding machines;
n.20 Gas metal arc welding (MIG/MAG);
n.10 Argon welding machines;
n.10 Motor-welding sets MOSA of 600 A;
n.2 Electrical winches cap. 5 t;
n.3 Electrical winches cap 1 t;
n.2 tracked engine compressors;
n.1 Mobile boring machines;
n.2000 Scaffolding pipes.